Dinner Menu - Apple Peddler Restaurant - White City, OR
Apple Peddler Restaurant - White City, OR
Breakfast Menu - Apple Peddler Restaurant - White City, OR

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Chicken To Go

4 Pieces $7.69

8 Pieces $13.49

12 Pieces $17.49

15 Pieces $21.49

24 Pieces $29.49

48 Pieces $56.49

96 Pieces $110.49

Homemade Pies

Fruit & Cream $10.99

Strawberry $11.99

Family Pack Dinners

Dinner 1 – $12.99 
– 4 Pieces Chicken
– 1/2 lbs Jojo’s
– 12 oz Coleslaw

Dinner 2 – $18.99 
– 8 Pieces Chicken
– 1 lbs Jojo’s
– 16 oz Coleslaw

Dinner 3 – $24.99 
– 12 Pieces Chicken
– 1 1/2 lbs Jojo’s
– 16 oz Coleslaw

Dinner 4 – $32.99 
– 16 Pieces Chicken
– 2 lbs Jojo’s
– 16 oz Coleslaw
– With a 2 liter of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew

Come for the Pacific Northwest’s best comfort food and stay for the world’s best service!

Apple Peddler Restaurant offers an authentically all-American dining experience for the whole family with four locations across Oregon and one in California.

Founder and owner Carl Wheeler has always appreciated families enjoying themselves at meal time. He started working in the restaurant industry at a young age and as a teenager, he helped in the kitchen of his parents’ restaurant. With the experience from working at his parents’ restaurant under his belt, he found employment with a growing family restaurant chain. He worked his way from cook to vice president. After years of continued growth and experience as vice president, he left in 1987 and opened his first Apple Peddler Restaurant.

Thirty years ago, the flagship restaurant opened in Roseburg, Oregon and soon relocated 12 miles north to Sutherlin. Today, the Apple Peddler Restaurants serve the grandchildren of their first patrons in Sutherlin, White City, Prineville, Hines-Burns, and Crescent City. While times have changed and the business has grown, they still cook your favorite home-style dishes using only farm-fresh ingredients. Try the award-worthy steak and eggs or the hearty meatloaf, which is Carl’s mom’s classic recipe.

The Apple Peddler Restaurants were built on a strong foundation of teamwork, great management, and a stellar menu. The restaurants continue to build on that foundation every day, creating a top-notch customer experience. Each location has an excellent staff managed by a strong and knowledgeable management team. The staff works diligently every day and creates a comforting and friendly environment for customers.

Comfort food is best enjoyed in a comfortable setting. It’s nice to see parents taking their children out to dine together and even better when children bring their elderly parents to a place where hospitality is more than just a word. The Apple Peddler Restaurants embody hospitality and comfort. Each meal is a reminder of home and the kind of food you would find on the family dinner table.

So come on by and enjoy a delicious meal with us and we promise you’ll leave feeling better than you did when you arrived!

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Waffles at the Apple Peddler Restaurant - White City, OR


We use wholesome ingredients like ranch-fresh eggs and all of your favorite fruits, veggies, and meats to create hearty omelets, eggs your style, powder sugared French toast, and pancakes.

Lunch and Dinner at the Apple Peddler Restaurant - White City, OR

Lunch & Dinner

From the world’s best French fries and homemade soups to specialty cheeseburgers and sandwiches, there’s something to satisfy every appetite on our well-thought-out menu.

Desserts at the Apple Peddler Restaurant - White City, OR

Desserts & Preserves

Before you leave, don’t forget to check out our selection of Apple Peddler jellies, jams, cakes, and pies. Enjoy dessert at home on the couch or pick out a jar of preserves for toast and English muffins!